Monday, August 10, 2009

8 Straight

The Pirates lost to the Cardinals, 5-3 to make it 8 straight losses. The game was definitely in the Pirates favor as Steve Pearce hit a 2-run homer, and Delwyn Young singled in Andrew McCutchen to make it 3-0 going into the 4th. The Cards where then able to score 1 run in the 4th and the 7th, and made it a close 3-2. In the 8th, Matt Capps (I think you see what is going to happen) came in with 1 on and gave up a 2-run shot to Skip Schumaker. Then Capps drilled Pujols in the ribs and was ejected immediatley. Jesse Chavez didn't help either, after Capps was gone he gave up 2 runs. Matt Capps was hit with his 7th loss this year, and just seems to blow it EVERY SINGLE TIME. During this 8 game lossing streak the bullpen lost 4 of the 8. Not to mention Chris Bootcheck let up 4 after a solid outing from Morton that we could have possibly won. The bullpen has struggled immensley not only have they lost 4 but have blown 3 save oppurtunities, plus a very large 7.86 ERA. I'm getting very sick of this, every year we are awful and we rebuild. We have been rebuilding for 17 years, and I'm happy with the talent we have and I understand wins don't matter at this point. Still, who doesn't want to see the Pirates actually win atleast few games? I have a proposed idea, we have a payroll of a little over 25 million, in the offseason we should sign some big names, that are still in their prime. No more Burnitz or Randa's. Huntington won't do it though he will say we have talent in the making, but why not get some already developed talent. Lets talk about a few guys, Steve Pearce will not be a MLB caliber player, he is a 4-A ball player. Paul Maholm, he is not a bad pitcher, but let's face it he isn't an Ace, maybe a #2, but I see him as a #3 starter. Jeff Salazar, garbage. Brandon Moss, backup at best, he isn't an every day player, he is way too inconsistent. Ramon Vasquez, why did we sign him? He is awful, never had a good year. I want a solid pitcher to be signed, someone who is an Ace, and I want a power hitting first-baseman. I have already come to the conclusion it won't happen, but I want to hear some of your thoughts leave a comment.

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