Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Pirates

Yesterday there was two moves, I was pretty happy to see. Daniel McCutchen was called up to the majors, and Brian Bixler was optioned back down to Indianapolis. I was very happy to see this, because I want to see how Daniel can do in the majors. He did very well in AAA, but who knows if he can keep it up in the MLB. He did have a decent 1st start as he took on the Reds yesterday, he went 6 innings, struckout 5, let up 3 runs, and got a No-Decision. Im very happy to see Bixler go, because he is the worst player, him and Salazar could make a run for worst player. Bixler can't hit, field, or do anything. Two more players were called up today, Neil Walker and I'm not to happy to say this, Virgil Vasquez. Virgil Vasquez is awful, thats all I have to say. Im glad to see Neil up, he hasn't had a debut yet and I'd like to see how well he can do. He has been dominating in AAA lately, and I really hope he can be good, cause Andy LaRoche is really strugglin. Hopefully we will see something good from atleast 1 of these 3 new Buccos.